Attendance Matters!

Please note, due to Government legislation:

·  We can no longer sanction student holidays during term time.

 ·  Parents of students who are persistently late to school, may be fined by the Local Authority.

The fast-paced nature of school life can mean if a student is absent for a period of time it can have a significant effect on the rate of future learning. To see just HOW significant, click here.

This is particularly true at the start of a term when much information and introductions to courses and GCSEs are shared with students. Absence at these times can affect the rate of progress, leading to a period of catching up which affects future potential.

Nowadays, GCSE exams do not just occur at the end of Year 11 when they traditionally were held. With the onset of more coursework, and coursework under controlled conditions along with end of module exams, students following GCSE courses may have significant assessments throughout their Years 9, 10 and 11.

With this in mind, it is exceedingly important that students do not take time out of school if it is at all possible, as it may affect final exam grades if they miss significant periods in their exam process.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of the importance to your children of not taking time out during term time.

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