Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to all the pupils at St Hild’s Church of England School. The curriculum is traditionally GCSE based with some vocational subjects available in the option subjects. It is our intention to give pupils the best possible start, to set standards high and be aspirational with them. We strive for academic excellence for all of our pupils and will not gamble our children’s future with courses that have little or no worth post-16.

Life After Levels

As there are National changes to the curricula we must follow in school we are currently in a transitional period. Depending on the year group of your child, you will find a different curriculum plan in operation. With the new content and objectives set out in these new courses the knowledge pupils need to have is more detailed and many of the expectations for pupils understanding have been raised. Topics have already been adjusted in the core subjects of English and Maths; topics previously at taught A – level are now part of the GCSE curriculum. Thus adding more rigor and challenge with raised expectations to achieve.

There is also a new grading system along with a new approach to learning. To support all pupils, Key Assessments are being developed to match the new demands of the curriculum. The new Key Assessments will check knowledge, skills and understanding of pupils’ work in a subject over a set period of time. All pupils will be given opportunities to achieve, assessments in school are varied and all aspects of schooling are taken into account when reporting to home.


 Annual Celebration of Achievement

 Headteacher's Commendation

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