Governing Body

The work of the governing body is to monitor the work of the school in a strategic way. This means that they ensure the school has in place all the policies and procedures which are prescribed by law as well as others which explain how the school does its work. Full governors meetings occur throughout the year and governors are regularly given an update on the performance of the school. It is also a role of the governing body to make sure the recommendations contained in Ofsted and SIAS reports are carried out.

Governors also work in smaller groups to monitor the overall effectiveness of different areas of school life:

The Finance and Personnel & Pay Committee makes sure the school budget and finances are used appropriately and in the right areas as well as ensuring the well-being of staff who work in the school.

The Student Welfare and Admissions Committee ensures the well-being of all the students in the school and monitors the pupils who are admitted to the school or who leave St. Hild’s.

Members of the Governing body are:

 Mr Darren Hankey (Chair)

 Mrs Tracey Gibson
 Mrs Joanne Franks
 Rev. Roz Hall
 Mr Brian Hays
 Dr John Moore
 Miss Tina Sanderson
 Mrs Jennifer Lewis (Vice Chair)
 Rev. Verity Brown
 Mrs Julie Newbury
 Mrs Sarah Bennett
 Mr Howard Bedford
 Mr Gary Wootton

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