If you choose not to meet our basic expectations for conduct and effort, consequences will follow, in stages set out below.



Consequences of failing to meet our basic expectations

Stage Consequence Action
1. Negative points Tutor involvement
2. Removal from classroom/Serious Incident 1 hour whole school detention Parent/Carer informed
3. Report monitored by Tutor Tutor contacts Parent/Carer
4. Report monitored by Year Leader Parent/Carer contacted by Year Leader/Assistant Year Leader
5. Behaviour Contract Parent/Carer and pupil to attend meeting with Year Leader to agree a behaviour contract
6. Reflection Room Pupil in Reflection Room for 1-5 days and contract extended
7. Report Monitored by Progress Leader/SLT Reviewed with Parent/Carer
8. Governors’ Pupil Welfare and Attendance Panel Parent/Carer and pupil required to meet with Governors
9. Alternative provision Pupil may be sent to either internal or external provision at school’s discretion
10. Managed move to a different school Pupil may have to move to a different school within Hartlepool
11. Permanent exclusion If pupil is still failing despite the support and extra provision detailed above, permanent exclusion may be considered

Please note that REFLECTION, ALTERNATIVE PROVISION (Internal or external) or FIXED TERM EXCLUSION may be used at any point at the school’s discretion.