Years 7 & 8

Curriculum Overview
2017 - 2018


Year 7

There are 7 classes in Year 7; 3 in X Band (plus one extra as a nurture group) / 4 in Y Band 

In Year 7 there is a need for pupils to receive a broad curriculum with the opportunities to develop in all expected national curriculum areas. There is a strong emphasis for pupils to continue their progression in core subjects whilst having the opportunities to follow subjects in Humanities, Languages, Arts and Technology. Key features of the curriculum in Year 7 are MFL follows the setting in English and Computing follows the setting in Mathematics.

Technology has changed its priority to ensure all pupils gain a deeper understanding for the importance of Food Technology. We believe pupils need to be educated on appropriate diets and how they are beneficial to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore Food Technology receives one double lesson a fortnight with Engineering/Technology one lesson per fortnight.

There is a nurture group in Year 7 (within the X band structure) this supports key individuals in their transition from Primary to Secondary. Pupils in the nurture group will have the majority of their lessons within this setting namely English, Maths, RE, History, Geography, MFL, Computing and Food Technology. By year 8 pupils will be successfully re-integrated into mainstream classes. The only expectation to this is in English and MFL where Pupils remain within a nurture group setting for an addition year.

In X Band, there are only three mixed ability classes for the foundation subjects (Art, Drama, Music, Science and Technology). This allows the nurture group pupil’s access to these subjects whilst mixing with the rest of the group and not becoming an isolated group. Y Band has a similar structure to X Band but with 4 classes and there is no nurture group.

Setting of classes only occurs within the English and Mathematics curriculum block, therefore only the following subjects are set on ability from KS2: English, MFL, Mathematics, Computing.

PE in Year 7 is taught in gender sets.

Year 8


There are 6 classes in Year 8; 3 in X Band (plus one extra as a nurture group for English and MFL lessons) / 3 in Y Band

Year 8 has the same lessons, structure and time allocated to lessons as Year 7.

Pupils study Science in Year 8 within the Mathematics curriculum block; they follow the setting for Mathematics as does Computing. There has been an extra emphasis placed on the Science curriculum where the overlap of topics for the new specifications is up to 40% mathematical application. 

MFL continues to follow the English setting as in Year 7 with all other subject taught in mixed ability classes.

Technology lessons also follow the Year structure with pupils receiving one double lesson a fortnight in Food technology and one single lesson in Engineering/Technology.

Due to the number of pupils in Year 8, PE has 3 classes in both X Band and Y Band. This changes the set up of classes for PE and they are taught in mixed gender classes.

Curriculum structure for Years 7 and 8 at St Hild's

Years 7 & 8 Curriculum