NEW P.E. Uniform for September 2018.
We are introducing a New P.E. Uniform for the new Academic year 2018/19. The new PE kit can be purchased from Shear Knit, in King Oswy Drive from May 2017 onwards and may be viewed by clicking here.

All the new PE kit tops come embroidered with the school’s name and logo and can be purchased and worn from May 2017. The older PE kit can still be worn for PE lessons during a transitional period. However from September 2018 only the new PE kit will be accepted.


P.E. Uniform 2016/18

The current St. Hild's P.E. Uniform comprises of:

  • White polo top*, Blue fitted short or long sleeved top* (girls)
  • Blue football top* (boys)
  • Blue hooded top* (outdoor)
  • Blue football shorts and blue football socks
  • Tracksuit bottoms (Plain Black, Navy Blue or Grey)
  • White or black trainers

Items marked * are specially embroidered in gold with the school name.

Where to buy the P.E. Uniform
Our main supplier of St. Hild's uniform, Shear Knit are based at King Oswy Drive Shops.

SPECIAL NOTE ON JEWELLERY (Particularly ear-rings)
 All items of jewellery, including ear-rings, MUST be removed for PE lessons. NO EXCEPTIONS will be allowed. We therefore recommend that ear-piercing is done at the start of the summer holidays so that healing is complete when the autumn term starts. If piercing is done at any other time, it will NOT be acceptable to say "But I've been told that these should not be removed for several weeks". We repeat, ear-rings MUST be removed for PE lessons!


Girl's PE Uniform

Boy's PE Uniform

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