Student Reports

At least three times in each year, parents/carers will receive a written report on student progress in each subject. Subjects will be graded for degree of effort, standard of homework and standard of behaviour. As of February 2013, grades have the following meaning:

4. Exceptional - Students who consistently make above expected progress AND always follow teacher expectations.

3. Good - Students who consistently meet expectations from staff AND who are making expected progress.

2. Improvement needed - Students who do not always meet staff expectations OR who are not making expected progress.

1. Unacceptable - Students who regularly fail to meet staff expectations for behaviour and attitude OR who have poor attandance OR who are making no progress.

For the majority of students, the general expectation will be either
3 (Good)
or 2 (Improvement needed).
We expect all students to aspire to achieve 4 (Exceptional).

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