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Road Safety - It's Everyone's Responsibility!

King Oswy Drive is a busy road in the morning and is especially busy at the end of the school day. The hazard to pedestrians is at its greatest on dark winter days, and also on sunny autumn and winter mornings, where the low sun can make it very difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see each other.

If everyone follows the simple rules of road safety at all times, however, the danger will be minimised.

STUDENTS! Cross only at the crossings. If you have to cross King Oswy Drive, do so at the crossing near the school gates, or at the crossing near the shops. Think safe, stay safe, USE THE CROSSINGS!  

PARENTS! When arriving to collect students from school, you can park legally on the east side of King Oswy Drive, partly up on the pavement, in the areas marked by white lines. Additionally, although the main school car park is private property, we have no objection to your using it around 3.40pm, provided that you keep to some simple rules! For full details, click here.


 Cross King Oswy Drive safely here . . .

 . . . or here - nowhere else!

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