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School Meals

Breakfast Club: 08.00 till 08.45 (All students should arrive by 8.35am). A healthy, nourishing start to the day at very attractive prices. And there is no obligation to buy food - you can just come in out of the cold, meet your friends and chat quietly, read a book or complete your homework. The only condition is that you must be in full uniform, wearing your blazer, tie etc. in the proper manner.

Morning break: Healthy snacks and drinks are on offer.

Lunch: A very wide range of healthy food and drink options are offered at attractive prices. Students may bring their own packed lunch to school; a separate seated area is available. If you choose this option, we require that you supply a still (non-fizzy) drink or fruit juice. Fizzy drinks are not good for children and the school does not sell them.
Week 1 - Menu     Week 2 - Menu

All students remain on school premises during the lunch break; this is to ensure their welfare and safety. Any parent wishing their child to come home for lunch must make a written request which will be considered by the Headteacher.

Biometrics system
No cash is used in the Dining Hall. Students will have an electronic account which can be accessed via the biometrics automatic recognition system using either an image of their finger print, or by using a pin number. These accounts can be used to purchase food and drink.

ParentPay system 
Money for spending in the Dining Hall can be added to the account by using notes or coins at any of the biometric terminals around the school. From 1st December 2016 the Parent Pay on-line payment system will be launched and student’s accounts can be accessed and funds topped up by parents on-line.
ParentPay FAQs      ParentPay Information

Students entitled to Free School Meals
If you qualify for free school meals, you should definitely register.
Not only will you save a considerable amount of money, but the school will also be able to claim extra Government cash, which is very valuable at a time of general funding cutbacks. Around one-third of our students are registered for free school meals, so you will be very far from being alone! Also, the registration process is simple and completely confidential. For full information on Free School Meals, and to see if you qualify, click here.

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