All students are expected to wear full school uniform on every school day. The public impression of St. Hild's is formed by seeing students on their way to and from school every day, so it is just as important to have everything right at those times as when students are actually in school.

School uniform consists of:

BLACK BLAZER with school and house badge.

WHITE SHIRT with a formal collar, suitable for wearing with a tie. Shirt should be tucked into trousers/skirt. Top buttons should be fastened.


 Tie worn correctly


GIRLS - BLACK SKIRT (Knee touch, A-line, pleated or straight  with black tights of at least 40 denier or Plain black or white socks) or TROUSERS

SCHOOL TIE  This item will be provided by the school. It should be worn correctly at all times, tied in a neat, appropriate knot covering the top shirt button. The tie length must allow the school badge to be seen.


PLAIN BLACK SCHOOL SHOES Shoes must be entirely black with NO stripes, NO gold or silver embellishments, logos or markings in other colours. NO boots, NO trainers, NO sandals, NO flossies or plimsoll-style footwear, NO creepers. (The Hartlepool branch of Wynsors World of Shoes stocks a wide range of acceptable footwear - their staff are fully aware of our policy and will be pleased to advise you). For a brochure of approved footwear click here.

Jewellery - One small plain stud earring (gold or silver) per ear is permitted. School is not an appropriate place for the wearing of any other jewellery, other than a wrist-watch. Please note that all earrings MUST be removed for PE - absolutely NO exceptions can be allowed. Nail polish in natural colours and without embellishments may be worn by female students on their own finger nails (false nails should NOT be worn).

For a simple but comprehensive list of DOs and DON'Ts covering aspects of personal appearance (including haircuts, make-up and facial piercings) and conduct, click here.

STUDENTS – wear the full uniform with pride every day!
PARENTS AND CARERS - please encourage them every day!

Where to buy the uniform

Our main supplier of St. Hild's uniform, Shear Knit are based at King Oswy Drive Shops.


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