COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy

Supporting image for COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy

From 20th March 2020 parents/carers were asked to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and for schools to remain open only for those children of workers critical to the COVID-19 response - who absolutely need to attend.

Schools and all childcare providers were also asked to provide care for a limited number of children - children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents/carers are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

This addendum of to St. Hild's Church of England School Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy contains details of our individual safeguarding arrangements.
It sets out changes to our normal child protection policy in light of the Department for Education’s guidance Coronavirus: safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers, and should be read in conjunction with that policy.

Unless covered here, our normal safeguarding and child protection policy continues to apply.

COVID-19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy