St. Hild’s School Joins the Red Box Project

Supporting image for St. Hild’s School Joins the Red Box Project

The Red Box Project quietly ensures that no young person misses school because they have their period.

The Red Box Project was founded in March 2017 by three friends who wanted to give young people in their local area access to sanitary products. After reading about ‘Period Poverty‘ in the news, they were angered at the idea that young women were missing out on their education because they couldn’t afford the products they needed during their period. ‘Working as a nationwide community, The Red Box Project seeks to provide free menstrual products for the young people in our local schools.’

We at St. Hild’s are delighted to be the first school in Hartlepool to work alongside The Red Box Project to ensure none of our pupils miss out on their education because of ‘Period Poverty’.

All female pupils at St. Hild’s know they can go to Student Services at any time to quietly receive not only sanitary products but also clean pants and tights.
Want to support us? Donations of sanitary products, pants and black opaque tights can be dropped off at our main reception.