Year 11 Intervention April 2021

Supporting image for Year 11 Intervention April 2021

In order to support Year 11 pupils after the recent lockdown, we are going to continue to offer Year 11 after school intervention sessions. It is very important that pupils engage with these additional opportunities to master their learning and develop subject knowledge in readiness for their next steps in higher education.  

Some pupils will be identified for support in school and this cohort will be advised what sessions to attend to help them in specific and targeted ways.  

The timetable below shows what intervention is available. After school intervention will run from 3.45-4.45pm.

All Year 11 pupils will continue to have focused work to do on TEAMS and can work independently at home to complete this learning.

Microsoft Teams is free and accessible on laptops and on mobile devices. Pupils use their school login and password to access this work. If your child has any problems with accessing online work please contact the school and we will be happy to assist. Tel: 01429 273041

All revision and intervention, in school or on TEAMS will be monitored and the progress your child makes will be tracked.