Examination Results Day: Thursday 12th August 2021

All Year 11 will receive their examination results on Thursday 12th August 2021.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety whilst Year 11 collect their results from school each form class will have a ‘time window’ to collect results:

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To ensure the safety of both staff and pupils, Year 11 must comply with the current Covid-19 guidance when they collect their results and return any equipment they may not have previously returned. For example: laptops; books; locker key etc.

Please arrive arrive promptly, but not early, to the Main Entrance.

Please note: Only Year 11 pupils will be allowed into the school building.

Parents/carers can wait in the yard area for their child if you wish to be with them while they open their results.


Upon entering the Main Reception entrance, please sanitise hands and follow the clearly marked one-way system to the Main Hall.

After results collection, continue along the one-way system to the Sports Hall or into the yard.

Key members of staff will be available to provide advice and guidance.

We wish all of our fantastic Year 11 the very best for their future; they will make a great and positive difference to our community and wider world!

Good Luck!