Message from Mrs L Hornby (Year Leader)

Dear Year 10

It is traditional at this time of year to celebrate the academic year that has gone and I see no reason why this year should be any different. Many of you have made outstanding progress and should be rewarded for your efforts. There are also those who have made a significant contribution to the school community who also deserve recognition.

It goes without saying that this has been a strange year that none of us could have anticipated. I am proud to say that many of you have risen to the challenges that this has brought and will reap the rewards of your efforts in the coming months. You have shown that you have the necessary skills and drive to be independent and (I hope) lifelong learners. The skills that you have developed in recent weeks have equipped you and given you experience of what study beyond St. Hild’s will look like.

In November the focus of our Alternative Curriculum Day for Year 10 was to prepare you for life beyond St. Hild’s. I would like to thank Mrs Sangster for the excellent job she did of organising the wide range of visitors who came into school to provide workshops and presentations aimed at raising pupils’ aspirations and preparing you for the competitive nature of the world beyond school. As is always the case, we received fabulous feedback about our wonderful pupils from everyone involved.

I would also like to thank Mrs Lake for the work she is doing to ensure pupils are well informed about Higher Education and establishing links with some of the very best Universities for our year 10 pupils. In September a group of year 10 pupils were lucky enough to participate in a residential experience organised by Oxford University, this too was supported by Mrs Lake.

I’m delighted to say that school will be open to all Y10 pupils for the last two weeks of term and I hope to see everyone take advantage of their allocated days. Miss McDonnell and I are very much looking forward to seeing everyone again. Once we return to school I hope that you will continue to show the determination and resilience that we have seen as we continue our journey towards your final examinations.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Year 10 tutor team who have shown such dedication and generosity of time in ensuring that you have all been supported throughout this period.

I am very proud.

Mrs Hornby




Year 10 Honours Award pupils who have achieved distinctions in four or more subjects are listed in the table below.

For all the Year 10 Award winners please use the link below.


Full Year 10 Awards List

Year 10 Honours Awards

(for students achieving distinction in 4 or more subjects)
Heather McGregor English, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Art and Design, Religious Education
Arabella Banks English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Art and Design, Music
Adam Elvin Biology, French, History, Religious Education
Katie Brenchley Further Mathematics, Biology, French, History
Riley Keenan English, Biology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Religious Education
Evie Thompson Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Health and Social Care