Message from Mr L Morgan (Year Leader)

Following a successful transition to St. Hild’s Church of England School as Year 6 pupils in the summer of July 2019, Year 7 made a flying start to life at St. Hild’s. New friendships were quickly formed and pupils worked hard to get use to the expectations within the classroom and also around school. All this was achieved with great energy and a positive attitude. From the outset of their first year at St. Hild’s, one of the strengths that has developed is the working relationship between pupils and the staff supporting Year 7.

As a Year Leader I am proud to work with all the pupils in Year 7, including of course their families. Mrs Coulson as the Assistant Year Leader has worked tremendously hard to support all the children since they joined the school this year and has become a trusted member of staff for the Year Group. The Year 7 Tutors have done everything possible to help pupils settle into St. Hild’s and have played an integral part supporting each and every child.

As we approach the end of a school year that has been sadly interrupted by unforeseen circumstances, it is important for the Year Group to take pride in completing Year 7. Although it has been some time since we were all together, the pupils in Year 7 should not forget all the milestones that have been achieved this year.

The effort pupils have made this year should not be taken for granted. Whether it be having to maintain the high uniform standards, travelling to school by bus or experiencing different subjects, the success pupils have had with their transition to St. Hild’s should be celebrated. I wish all the pupils and their families a summer break that provides moments of joy to help ease some of the disappointment that might have been experienced recently.

From Mrs Coulson, the Year 7 Tutor Team and myself, we look forward to the day the Year Group can all be together again at St. Hild’s Church of England School – only this time as Year 8 pupils!
Mr Morgan





Year 7 Honours Award pupils who have achieved distinctions in four or more subjects are listed in the table below. 

For all the Year 7 Award winners please use the link below.

Full Year 7 Awards List

Year 7 Honours Awards

(for students achieving distinction in 4 or more subjects)
Holly Wilson Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, Food Technology
Evie Blair English, Food Technology, Geography, Drama, Religious Education
Eleanor Gray English, Science, Geography, Religious Education
Freya Moir Food Technology, Geography, Religious Education, Music
Ashleigh Weldrake English, Mathematics, Design and Technology, Music
Toby Smith Mathematics, Design and Technology, History, Food Technology, Music
Ella Robson English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Design, Drama, Design and Technology, Spanish, History, Geography, Physical Education, Music