Message from Mr J Gibbon-Hayes (Year Leader)

Year 8 has been a very strange year and not one we all could have envisaged. We had a fantastic Alternative Curriculum Day in November when the pupils got to design and make a chocolate bar. It was great to see how committed the pupils were in making the chocolate but also quite refreshing to see them learning to be organised, working as a team and communicating effectively.

This is just one of the activities we had planned in Year 8. but unfortunately some things are sent to try us and I hope you have all found comfort being able to spend time with loved ones.

I can’t not mention the Year 8 Girls’ football team, this year they won the 6 a-side Town Cup for the second time as well as going through the league unbeaten and just showing the quality they possess. 

The Year 8 boys also managed to get to the Town Cup semi-final in a very tough Year Group after beating Manor 10-0. I am very proud to be Head of Year 8 and this year of adversity can only make us stronger as we move towards the option process in Year 9. I can honestly say I am extremely proud of this year group, they are kind, thoughtful and just a pleasure to be around. I can guarantee that I will be giving a 100 percent and more to help support the students to achieve their full potential. 

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr Gibbon-Hayes


Year 8 Honours Award pupils who have achieved distinctions in four or more subjects are listed in the table below.

For all the Year 8 Award winners please use the link below.

Full Year 8 Awards List

Year 8 Honours Awards

(for students achieving distinction in 4 or more subjects)
Emily Morrell English, Science, Art and Design, Food Technology, Geography, Religious Education
Anya Robinson English, Science, Spanish, Geography
Matty Simpson English, Food Technology, Spanish, Geography
Eloise Young English, Design and Technology, Spanish, Religious Education
Cian Veart English, Science, Spanish, Geography