Message from Mr L Stephenson (Year Leader)

Year 9 is normally an eventful year in the school calendar, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted what would unfold in 2020. The impact of the pandemic is clear for all to see and as I have mentioned in previous correspondence, the manner in which our school and wider community has responded has been heartening. 

What we must not forget is that prior to the pandemic, our Year 9 pupils had completed nearly half of their first year of study towards their GCSE examinations. During the time in school, we have been able to see Year 9 jump into their studies in a way that makes me enthused for what the next two years will bring. We had our only Alternative Curriculum Day of Year 9 during November. The Enterprise Challenge saw our pupils developing their own product and pitching them to the whole year group, which was no small challenge! The attitude of all involved was fantastic, and it was great to see so many pupils challenging themselves to leave their comfort zone. 

Similarly, we have been proud to see the way many of our Year 9 pupils have responded to home learning. The dedication to their work and determination to not let the pandemic hold them back is something I will talk about in years to come. We have had a group of pupils who, despite the circumstances, have continued to take part in the Hartlepool 6th Form College Ray Programme. It was pleasing to see so many Year 9 pupils answer the call to be a Prefect; I think we have an amazing cohort who will do an amazing job. 

I’m pleased that, as a school, we can still recognise the amazing achievements of our pupils. I think under these circumstances, recognition of achievement is needed more than ever and deserved more than ever. Congratulations to Year 9 on their good humour and continued determination to not have their learning derailed. Congratulations to the Year 9 pupils recognised as part of what would have been our Awards Evening. 

Your Year Team could not be prouder of your achievement. 

Mr Stephenson



Year 9 Honours Award pupils who have achieved distinctions in four or more subjects are listed in the table below.

For all the Year 9 Award winners please use the link below.

Full Year 9 Awards List

Year 9 Honours Awards

(for students achieving distinction in 4 or more subjects)
Isabel Hodgson English, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics
Lily Cutter English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, History, BTec Physical Education
Sophie Healey Further Mathematics, Health and Social Care, Physics, BTec Physical Education
Hannah Smith English, English Literature, Mathematics, Drama, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education
Hollie Whyte Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics
Anna Hind English, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Music, Art and Design, History, Physical Education, Religious Education
Emily Robson English, Physics, Design and Technology, History