Accelerated Reader Curriculum

At St. Hild’s all pupils in Years 7 & 8 have one lesson a week of Accelerated Reading. This alternates between delivery as part of their English curriculum and as a dedicated lesson in the Library Resource Centre. In Year 9, pupils have one lesson a fortnight as part of their English curriculum. In addition to this all pupils read for 10 minutes 3 times a week during morning tutor time and are expected to read at least twenty minutes every day for homework.

Their reading book is part of their basic equipment and will be checked by tutors each morning.

The Accelerated Reader program is a computerised program that tests reading comprehension. At the beginning of the school year pupils take a short computerised test that determines their reading level and sets them a ‘Point Target’. They then choose books within their range and read independently. Each book is worth a number of points; once pupils have finished a book they complete a short quiz and earn points depending on their level of comprehension of what they have read. They print off a TOPS report which they should take home to show parents the progress they are making. It gives lots of information including their score, the number of points this has earned them, a running total of points earned to date and the percentage of their target that they have met.

An example of a TOPS report can be viewed at:?

They are expected to reach their target number of points by the end of the Autumn Term at which time they do a computerised assessment that determines the progress made over the period. Based on the result a new target is set and the process begins again with further assessments and new targets at the end of the Spring and Summer Terms. If pupils are committed to the program it is expected that their reading ages will improve by at least 3 months over each of the three cycles during the academic year. This should make it easier for them to access reading materials across the curriculum. Pupils who reach their target early are given a word target to replace the original ‘Point Target’.

The 100% Club

Pupils who achieve 100% on their TOPS report will have two copies produced, one will be signed and taken home, whilst the other is placed into the '100% Club" box. The Prize Draw is done every Friday with one pupil from each Year Group 7, 8 & 9 winning a prize from the Library Resource Centre 'Book Box'.

Win a Kindle Touch

Pupils who attain their AR ‘Point Target’ during each term will have their names put into a hat and the draw will take place on the last day of that term.

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