Computer Science
Staff members with responsibilities

Mr A. Farnham - Head of Computing

KS3 curriculum

Year 7
Computational thinking and algorithms part 1.
BBC micro:bit.
Computer hardware.
Introduction to binary.
Sorting algorithms.
Searching algorithms.

Year 8
Computational thinking and algorithms part 2.
Introduction to Python.
Spreadsheets and modelling.
Binary and data representation.
Computer images.

KS4 curriculum

Students study GCSE Computer Science
(AQA exam board specification 8520)

The topics in this qualification are:
1. Fundamentals of algorithms.
2. Programming (using the Python programming language).
3. Fundamentals of data representation.
4. Computer systems.
5. Computer networking.
6. Fundamentals of cyber security.
7. Aspects of software development.

The first six topics are tested using two, one and a half hour exams. These exams count for 80% of the final mark. The final topic (worth 20% of the final mark) is tested in a twenty hour Non-Examined Assessment which is set by the exam board in September of Year 11.

Pathways into further education – what can students progress onto?

'A’ Level Computer Science is available in local colleges. Any computing-related courses would also benefit from the work in Computer Science, as would Mathematics and Engineering.

Job opportunities – where can Computer Science take you?

Computer Science links very strongly with Mathematics and leads into any areas where problem-solving is important. In addition, computer programmers are in demand in most sectors of the jobs market.