French/Spanish Curriculum

Staff members with responsibilities

J. Marshall-Busawon - MFL Subject Leader
S. Lake - French and Spanish Teacher

KS3 curriculum

Pupils learn to talk about themselves and other people. They cover a wide range of topics including personal details, description, hobbies, school, technology, holidays etc. They learn to give simple opinions. They also learn to ask and answer questions. They cover a range of grammatical structures including verb conjugation.

Year 7

Pupils will study French until the February half-term followed by Spanish for the rest of the year. Topics include Self, numbers, age, family & animals, describing people's personality, physical description, likes and dislikes, opinions, sports, hobbies, weather, town, food, school, school future plans, basic grammar including the present tense.

Year 8

Year 8 will continue with their chosen language and will learn to manipulate verbs and use the present, perfect and immediate future tenses. Topics will include television programmes, negatives, clothes, weather, your home, meals, personality, films and leisure. Grammar topics covered will be irregular verbs, adjectival agreements, three tenses comparison, conditional phrases, infinitives and prepositions.

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KS4 curriculum

Pupils talk about themselves and other people in more depth. They also learn about world problems and environmental issues. They cover more complicated grammatical structures including all relevant tenses.

Year 9

Students will consolidate and develop their knowledge of grammar, including verbs and tenses. They will also work through the AQA GCSE Theme 1: Identity & Culture.

Years 10 & 11
Qualifications gained

AQA GCSE French 8658 / AQA GCSE Spanish 8698
Further work on verbs, tenses and more complex grammatical structures. The two GCSE themes of “Local, national, international and global areas of interest” and “Current and future study and employment” will be covered over the two years.

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Pathways into further education

AS or A-Level French / Spanish
Vocational qualifications such as NVQ in French / Spanish with Business.

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Job opportunities

Many employers look favourably on someone with foreign language skills. A modern foreign language is included in the Ebac and some universities have a foreign language as a basic entry requirement.

Some examples of jobs: Teaching, translating, journalism, travel and tourism, foreign service, international organisations, engineering, hotels and hospitality.