Health & Social Care

Staff members with responsibilities

Mr D. Richardson - Head of Health & Social Care
Mrs B. Morley - Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs B. Coulson - Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs D. Crannage - Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs D. Myers - Teacher of Health & Social Care

KS3 Curriculum


KS4 Curriculum

Unit One: Human Lifespan Development
 · Human Growth And Development Across Life Stages
 · Factors That Affect Human Growth And Development And How They Are Interrelated
External Exam, One Hour, 25%.

Unit Two: Health & Social Care Values
· The Care Values That Underpin Current Practice In Health And Social Care
· Ways Of Empowering Individuals Who Use Health And Social Care Services
Compulsory Coursework Unit, 25%.

Unit Five: Promoting Health & Wellbeing
· The Purpose, Types And Benefits Of Health Promotion
· How Health Risks Can Be Addressed Through Health Campaigns
Optional Coursework Unit, 25%.

One of:

Social Influences On Health & Wellbeing
· Effects Of Socialisation
· Influences Of Relationships On Individuals
· Social Factors That Influence Health & Wellbeing

The Impact Of Nutrition On Health & Wellbeing
· The Effects Of Balanced And Unbalanced Diets On Health And Wellbeing
· The Specific Nutritional Needs And Preferences Of Individuals

Effective Communication In Health & Social Care
· Different Forms Of Communication
· Barriers To Communication In Health And Social Care
· Communicating Effectively In Health And Social Care

All are optional coursework units, 25% each

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Qualifications gained:

Single Award At Level 2 Equivalent To GCSE

Pass Equivalent To GCSE Grade C
Merit Equivalent To GCSE Grade B
Distinction Equivalent To GCSE Grade A
Distinction* Equivalent To GCSE Grade A*

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Pathways into further education

You can go on to 6th form college on completion of this course to study one of many courses in health or early years.
Then, if you wish, you can continue your studies at a higher level before entry to university or taking on a job. Alternatively, there are apprenticeships and work placements available in related fields for those who prefer to learn as they earn.

Job Opportunities

A variety of jobs and professions in the Health & Social Care Sector including:

Social Work,
Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation,
Public Services (Police Force, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, Armed Forces)
Child Care,
Care Work.