Due to Government legislation:

We can no longer sanction student holidays during term time.

Parents of students who are persistently late to school, may be fined by the Local Authority.


Attendance Statistics

Overall Attendance  

2018/19    92.0%
2017/18    93.0%
2016/17    92.2%  
2015/16    94.1%    
2014/15    94.9%         
2013/14    95.0%    
2012/13    94.1%   
2011/12    93.3%    
2010/11    94.0%   
2009/10    93.8%

Attendance Policy

Attendance Matters

The fast-paced nature of school life can mean if a pupil is absent for a period of time it can have a significant effect on the rate of future learning.

This is particularly true at the start of a term when much information and introductions to courses and GCSEs are shared with pupils. Absence at any time of the year can affect the rate of progress, leading to a period of catching up which affects future potential.

The learning experiences your child will encounter each day, whilst at school, have been specifically planned by their teachers to accelerate their knowledge, skills and understanding, therefore if a pupil misses lessons they will be at a disadvantage.


Furthermore some qualifications such as BTEC Travel & Tourism, Health & Social Care, Engineering, Product Design and Art & Design contain a lot of coursework, and consequently any pupil absence will have a negative impact on this work. 

With this in mind, it is exceedingly important that pupils do not take time out of school if it is at all possible, as it may affect final exam grades.

Improving Attendance

Does attendance affect your chances of achieving 5 good GCSEs?

Yes it certainly does! And you should bear this carefully in mind when considering whether or not to take children out of school for holidays during term time (or thinking about whether the regular "odd day off" matters).

The latest Government legislation has ruled that parents/carers should no longer plan holidays that involves taking their children out school during term-time.  The following statistics highlight the importance of students attending school whenever possible, in order to achieve, the best possible results in the examinations of subjects they have studied during their school life.

Set out below are not estimates or theories, but hard statistical FACTS about how your percentage attendance affects your chances of ending your time at school with at least five good GCSE passes (Grades 9-4/Grades A*-C).

If  your attendance is 95.1% to 100% your chances are 69.4% (You are an odds-on favourite)

If  your attendance is 90.1%  to  95% your chances are  51.2% (You have significantly less chance)

If  your attendance is 85.1%  to  90% your chances are  28.2% (You are an outsider)

Now think about THIS! Taking just 10 days holiday in term-time means that your MAXIMUM attendance can only be 95%. Check above as to how that affects your chances.

And also think about THIS! Taking "A day off every couple of weeks" means that your MAXIMUM attendance can only be 90%. Check above as to how that affects your chances.

Students! It's your future, and "IT'S UP TO YOU!"

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