Our Core Values

As a Christian community, following the pattern of Christ and his words in John 10:10 of "coming to bring life in all its fullness" our day to day vision is underpinned by our associated core Christian values:


We recognise God's unconditional love for humankind and our
reciprocal responsibilities in caring for ourselves, the world and


As followers of the Truth, we are honest with ourselves and with 
others and we champion truth and trust


We are fair and just in our dealings, recognising every person as
a uniquely created being - and we reflect the nature of God and
his love for the world.


In words and actions we seek to show respect to all others,
(recognising our equality in God’s eyes) and knowing God is
honoured when he is revered.


As created individuals gifted with free will, we take
responsibility for our own actions. We seek to live not for
ourselves but recognising our responsibilities towards
society as a whole.

These values are evident in our everyday life, are celebrated in worship and our aim is that they will increasingly characterise our attitudes to one another.