High Expectations – and always aiming higher!

We have high expectations of our pupils, not only academically but also socially. We believe that good discipline is essential for pupils to learn, to make progress and to feel secure in school. It also helps in the creation of a purposeful working atmosphere which encourages students to want to do well. Praise and rewards are built into our teaching, and achievements at all levels are recognised and celebrated.

Our examination results have shown continuous improvement, and our aim is for this progress to be maintained. Pupils are encouraged to have increasingly high expectations of themselves; 'aiming higher' is not just a worthy-sounding phrase – it is part of our mindset.

Wearing the correct uniform and being neat and tidy in appearance shows that pupils are proud to belong to St. Hild's and have respect for themselves. Parents support the school by encouraging pupils to wear their uniform in full, with pride, every day!

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Wider Opportunities

It is important that all students gain as much as they can out of school. Therefore we provide a full range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities at St. Hild’s. Students are involved in a host of activities, including sport, music, community and charity work, drama, dance, environmental work and outdoor pursuits.

They can also train as Student Librarians and, in Years 10 and 11, as Junior Sports Leaders. Activities take place after school, at weekends and in holiday time. In addition there are many curriculum-related field-trips and visits, both locally and further afield within the UK, plus visits abroad.