Hild’s House Heroes - September 2017 saw the official launch of House Heroes at St. Hild’s School.

What is a House Hero?

A House Hero recognises outstanding behaviour for learning. Staff will give out up to two House Heroes each lesson and record this information on Go4Schools, so that parents/carers and pupils can see when they have been awarded a House Hero.

How do pupils make a positive contribution to the lesson and get a House Hero?

There are too many different contributions to list them all! A pupil could give a great answer, improve their work, be helpful to others or even keep trying when they have had a setback. House Heroes can also be awarded for pupils who have 100% attendance, participate in Worship, or are helpful around the school.

What happens when pupils receive a House Hero?

Each time a pupil receives a House Hero they will be entered into the termly prize draws for each year group. The more House Heroes a pupil receives, the more entries into the prize draw they will have! Although prizes will vary, examples of prizes include tickets to VUE Cinema and Amazon vouchers.

Positive B4L Points

Pupils who meet our 4 Non-Negotiables in a lesson will have their name placed onto the Positive B4L Board and will be awarded a Positive B4L Point on Go 4 Schools. Each time a pupil is awarded a point they will work their way towards earning their bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium or diamond B4L Award Certificate. This achievement will be celebrated in assembly and pupils will be awarded their B4L certificates.

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