Lessons are on
Microsoft TEAMS

How to use TEAMS
  • Please log in to Microsoft Teams to access your lessons. 

  • All your teachers have uploaded resources and activities for you to do. 

  • If you need a reminder of your password or log-in call the school office (01429 273041) or email itsupport@st-hilds.hartlepool.sch.uk
  • There is a how to use Teams guide - click the image to the right

 Click here to go to Office365 login



Information for pupils and parents/ carers

• We are using Microsoft TEAMS to set work for you whilst you are at home.

• This is a safe and accessible web platform that you can access work and return tasks to your teacher. 

• All pupils will be set work and will need to return their completed task via Teams. It is important to do this work and to try your best. 

• If you have any difficulties at all please contact school, we can help. 

• If you have a problem with your login email: itsupport@st-hilds.hartlepool.sch.uk 

• Teams is a new way of working but is very easy once you have tried it.

Don't be afraid of giving it a go! 

If you need help

• You can call the school office tel:01429 273041

• You can email Itsupport@st-hilds.hartlepool.sch.uk 

• If you need work books rather than online work contact the school office: 01429 273041

All pupils should be able to access their Home Learning Resources via the Microsoft TEAMS Application.

Any pupils who experience problems with logging in or accessing this resource should seek help from the school as listed above. 

These pupils should continue to access home learning until their problems are resolved by using the link image to the right.