Expectations for pupils who are self-isolating

If you are well and self-isolating, in order to continue with your learning, you will:

  • Log-in to TEAMS between 9.00 - 9.10am and follow your daily timetable, accessing each subject TEAM, including PSHE for ‘form’ time. An on-line register will be taken.

  • Contact the school immediately, if you cannot login.

  • Join an ‘invite’ to meeting as part of your lesson, if you are part of an isolated ‘class bubble’.

  • Access the lesson in your class ‘TEAM’, follow the instructions. This is the same lesson as your peers will be following in school, or as planned by your teacher.

  • Use the TEAM ‘post’ or ‘email’ your class teacher if you have any questions, during the school day.

Expectations for Parents/Carers who have children who are advised to self-isolate

In order to continue to support your child with their learning, you should:

  • Help them keep a daily routine, as close to the ‘school normal’ as possible.

  • Contact school if there is a problem with your child logging in.

  • Support and encourage your child: ask about their learning.

Expectations for staff who are providing work for pupils/bubbles isolating
(X or I - Code)

St Hild’s staff will:

  • Provide appropriate work and resources in their class TEAM.

  • Provide clear instructions for learning.
  • Be available to answer pupil questions at some point during the school day.

  • Work needs to be accessible and easy to complete. (e.g., no modifying PDF’s)

  • Give meaningful feedback on home learning.

  • Keep appropriate records of home learning.

  • Structure work, so that it offers appropriate support and challenge.

For ‘bubbles’ only

  • Create a ‘meeting’ and request that the children ‘join’ the meeting (for at least a portion of the lesson) – for ‘class bubbles’ that are isolated.

  • Take a class register in G4Schools by recording a ‘positive’ B4L point for attendance and a ‘negative’ C1 for lack of engagement if the pupil is not present.