The Leadership Team

Mrs Gibson Headteacher
Mr Seymour Deputy Headteacher LEARNING
Mrs Crannage Assistant Headteacher
Mr Oren Assistant Headteacher

Attendance Statistics

Overall Attendance

2018/19    92.0%
2017/18    93.0%
2016/17    92.2%
2015/16    94.1%
2014/15    94.9%       
2013/14    95.0%
2012/13    94.1%
2011/12    93.3%
2010/11    94.0%
2009/10    93.8%

Attendance Policy


2019 Progress 8: -0.82                   2019 Attainment 8: 37.62


BASICS in English and Mathematics

2019   Standard Pass (4+)       45.4%

2019   Strong Pass (5+)           20.8%


                 5 Standard          5 Strong Passes 
              Passes (4+)        incl. Maths & English (5+)

2019             40%                           20%


The English Baccalaureate is a performance measure rather than a qualification in itself. The measure recognises where students have achieved a C grade or better across a core of academic subjects - English, mathematics, history or geography, the sciences and a language. The percentages of students who achieved this measure are as follows:

2019 Standard (4+)  3.8%    Strong (5+)   3.8%   

The percentage of Key Stage 4 students who continued in education /training or moved on into employment:

The most recent data available is for pupils who finished year 11 in 2017.

Year 11 Leavers 2017
St. Hild's                         94%       
Local Authority Average    93%       
England Average              94%

Year 11 Leavers 2016

St. Hild's                         92%       
Local Authority Average    93%       
England Average              94%

Year 11 Leavers 2015    
St. Hild's                           94%          

Performance Tables

Ofsted and SIAMS Reports

Our most recent full Ofsted inspection was in June 2017, the final report can be viewed by clicking the link on the panel to the right.

A Monitoring Inspection was made in July 2018, the report from this visit can be viewed via the following link. Report of Ofsted Monitoring Inspection July 2018.

'It is pleasing to see that our “uncompromising determination to improve the school and establish it at the heart of the community” has been recognised in the report.'
Mrs T. Gibson - Headteacher

All of our previous reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website by following this link: Ofsted Reports, or in PDF format via the links below.

Prior to that we had a full Ofsted inspection in February 2015.

In all Church of England Schools a full Ofsted inspection is usually followed by a visit from the SIAMS inspector (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).

The purpose of the SIAMS inspection is to judge the school’s effectiveness as a Church of England school. The inspector visits a range of lessons (certainly not just R.E.) plus events such as Collective Worship, and generally forms a judgement on life at the school, particularly regarding the extent to which our Christian ethos translates into actual practice on an everyday basis.

Downloads of our most recent Ofsted and SIAMS reports are available in PDF format. Depending on your computer and your internet connection, the downloads may take a little time - please be patient.

Our most recent full Ofsted inspection was in June 2017,

the final report can be viewed here.

Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act
Information to be Published How the Information can be obtained
Class 1 - Who we are and what we do
Who's who in the school School Website
Who's who on the governing body and the basis their appointment Website and on application
Instrument of Governance * Hard Copy/School Website
Contact details for the Headteacher and for the governing body School Website
Staffing Structure * Hard Copy
School session times and term dates School Website
Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it
Annual budget plan and financial statements On application
Capital Funding * Hard Copy
Financial audit reports * Hard Copy
Procurement and Projects On application
Pay Policy * Hard Copy
Staff allowances and expenses On application
Staffing and grading structure On application
Class 3 - What our priorities are and how we are doing
School profile - Performance Date - Latest OFSTED report Dfe Website/School Website
Appraisal Policy and Procedure * Hard Copy
School Policies and Procedures School Website/ * Hard Copy
Class 4 - How we make decisions
Admissions Policy/ Decisions School Website/ *Hard Copy
Agendas and minutes of governing body and its committees On application
Class 5 - Policies and Procedures
School policies including: Some are available on the school website but * Hard Copy is available upon request
- Health and Safety
- Safeguarding
- Discipline and grievance policies
- Recruitment
- Equality
- Anti-Bullying
- Behaviour Management
- Drugs
- E-Safety
- Education Visits
- ICT Acceptable Use
- Exclusion
Class 6 - Lists and Registers
Curriculum circulars and statutory instruments * Hard Copy
Asset Register Inspection Only
Disclosure logs On application
Any information the school is currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers (this does not include attendance registers) Inspection Only
Class 7 - The services we offer
Extra-curricular activities School Website
Out of school clubs School Website
School publications On application
Options booklet On application
Newsletter On application

*Please contact the school in writing to request any hard copy of a document. All requests will be actioned within 10 working days.