Ofsted and SIAMS Reports

Our most recent full Ofsted inspection was in September 2019, the final report can be viewed by clicking the link on the panel to the right.

All of our previous reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website by following this link: Ofsted Reports, or in PDF format via the links below.

Prior to that we had a full Ofsted inspection in June 17.

A Monitoring Inspection was made in July 2018, the report from this visit can be viewed via the following link. Report of Ofsted Monitoring Inspection July 2018.

In all Church of England Schools a full Ofsted inspection is usually followed by a visit from the SIAMS inspector (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).

In October 2020, Ofsted made a one day visit to St Hild's School. The purpose of the visit was to gather information on how the school had responded to the covid crisis and gain a better understanding of the current curriculum offer. A summary of this visit can be viewed via the link below.

The purpose of the SIAMS inspection is to judge the school’s effectiveness as a Church of England school. The inspector visits a range of lessons (certainly not just R.E.) plus events such as Collective Worship, and generally forms a judgement on life at the school, particularly regarding the extent to which our Christian ethos translates into actual practice on an everyday basis.

Downloads of our most recent Ofsted and SIAMS reports are available in PDF format. Depending on your computer and your internet connection, the downloads may take a little time - please be patient.

Our most recent full Ofsted inspection was in September 2019,