NEW P.E. Uniform from September 2018.

We introduced a New P.E. Uniform for the new Academic year 2018/19. The new P.E. kit can be purchased from Shear Knit, in King Oswy Drive.

All the new P.E. kit tops come embroidered with the school’s name and logo.

The St. Hild's P.E. Uniform comprises of:

Full zip training top* (girls) (outdoor)
Short sleeved top* (girls)
Girl's shorts or skorts
Girl's jeggings 
1/4 zip training top* (boys) (outdoor)
Short sleeved top* (boys)
Boy's blue shorts
Training bottoms (boys)
Blue football socks (girls & boys)
White or black trainers
Items marked * are specially embroidered in gold with the school name.

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Our minimum expectation for P.E. uniform is one top, one version of the bottoms, socks and trainers. Parents/carers may purchase as many extra items of P.E. uniform as they wish.

There are also some optional items of equipment that are permitted at the discretion of parents/carers such as football boots, rugby boots and any protective clothing such as shin pads, gum shields and support strappings. These are not compulsory for core P.E. lessons but pupils will not be permitted to play in competitive football or rugby fixtures without boots, shin pads and gum shields. Any queries can be directed to the P.E. Department via main office.

What is expected of pupils at
St. Hild’s

Quite simply, high standards – we have no time for anything else.

We expect a very good standard of dress, both the main school uniform and P.E. uniform.

Similarly we expect high standards of attendance and personal conduct.

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