Teaching, Learning and Assessment

We use data to accurately track pupil progress. Your child will be set challenging targets. Our challenge is to support your child in attaining the targets.

We share examples of good practice during Achievement Support departmental meetings and subject specific departmental meetings. Sharing information enables colleagues to work together to overcome learning barriers.

We celebrate learning achievement at the close of each lesson.


  • "We have pupil friendly level descriptors on display, pupils know what they have to do to reach their targets."
  • "Sometimes it is challenging to include every pupil in every activity but we do it."
  • "We have our key words displayed in our teaching rooms and refer to them during our lessons."
  • "I teach a girl with Meares Irlen Syndrome. I differentiate my resources to help her access text."
  • "I assess learning by using whiteboards/ lollipops/ question and answer as well as written tasks."
  • "I have a variety of coloured overlays to use in my classroom."
  • "Good/ outstanding lessons occur when visual/ auditory and kinaesthetic activities are all included in the lesson."
  • "Pupils work together to accomplish practical activities."
  • "The teaching assistant has really supported our SEND pupils, ensuring they are on track for GCSE success."


  • We have set up a video link lesson to avoid the possibility of a pupil having an allergic reaction during a practical curriculum lesson.
  • We have provided “homemade” writing slopes to help a pupil complete written work in lessons.
  • Staff have been trained to carry out specific physiotherapy sessions with our physically disabled pupils.
  • PE lessons are differentiated to include the individual physical needs of our pupils on a daily basis.
  • We have (with all relevant risk assessments in place) taken pupils to the home of a long-term sick student to maintain school learning links.
  • On a daily basis pupils with physical and mental impairments access our lessons successfully.
  • Our school has an excellent sound system for pupils with a hearing impairment.
  • Staff use a SCOLA radio mike on a daily basis.
  • We have staff trained to help pupils cope with loss and bereavement.
  • We develop learning programmes with parents and the pupil when facing new challenges within SEND.
  • Our Access Plan (IEPs) are planned collaboratively with pupils and parents.
  • The completion of ARROW intervention improves pupil's reading and spelling ages.
  • Teaching Assistants deliver study skill intervention during registration to help our pupils develop independent study skills.
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