Students entitled to a free bus pass MUST use the new Hartlepool Borough Council Yellow Bus, Service number YB16.


For pupils who do not meet the legislation for transport assistance, they may be able to purchase a concessionary travel permit to travel on the school bus. From September 2021 the cost of a concessionary travel permit will be £125 per term or £375 for the academic year September 2021 - July 2022.

For further information or to apply for a concessionary travel permit please contact Passenger Transport Services on 01429 523855. Please note that concessionary travel passes can only be provided once all students eligible for travel assistance have been accommodated. Passes can be paid for over the phone or collected from Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Pupils entitled to a free bus pass MUST use the new Hartlepool Borough Council Yellow Bus, Service number YB16. Once this service is full, the school will provide an extra bus for the remaining pupils at a cost of £2.00 a day, or £1.00 per journey. Tickets MUST be bought in advance from the Finance Department at St. Hild’s, as this is a no cash service.

Bus Service Timetable September 2021.

Morning Run
Stop time Stop Location
08:15       Durham Street, TS24 0NR
08:18       Middlegate
08:20       Northgate
08:23       West View Road Bus Stop (opp Central Estate)
08:26       West View Road/ Gus Robinsons
08:35       St. Hild’s Church of England School

Afternoon Run
Stop time Stop Location
15:40       St. Hild’s Church of England School
15:45       West View Road/ Gus Robinsons
15:47       West View Road Bus Stop (opp Central Estate)
15:50       Durham Street, TS24 0NR
15:52       Middlegate
15:54       Northgate 

Please feel free to contact the Passenger Transport Services Team for advice on 01429 523855 or at

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Road Safety

King Oswy Drive is a busy road in the morning and is especially busy at the end of the school day. The hazard to pedestrians is at its greatest on dark winter days, and also on sunny autumn and winter mornings, where the low sun can make it very difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see each other.

If everyone follows the simple rules of road safety at all times, however, the danger will be minimised.


Cross only at the crossings. If you have to cross King Oswy Drive, do so at the crossing near the school gates, or at the crossing near the shops. Think safe, stay safe, USE THE CROSSINGS!


When arriving to collect students from school, you can park legally on the east side of King Oswy Drive, partly up on the pavement, in the areas marked by white lines. Additionally, although the main school car park is private property, we have no objection to your using it around 3.40pm, provided that you keep to some simple rules! For full details, click here.


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Collecting Students by Car

If you collect your child by car at 3.30pm, whether regularly or occasionally, please read this and follow the guidelines set out below.

At the close of the normal school day, several hundred students leave the site on foot. Our policy is to do everything possible to ensure their safety, and we are certain that all parent/carers will agree with this.

For many students, the homewards direction is up King Oswy Drive towards the shops, which means that they have to cross both the entrance and the exit of the main school car park. The main source of potential danger at this precise time lies in vehicles entering or leaving the car park. In order to eliminate, as far as possible this danger, the entry and exit gates of the car park are closed from 3.20pm-3.40pm each day. All students not using the school buses should leave the school site via the Main front pedestrian access gates.


We would be very grateful if EVERYONE collecting students at 3.30pm would please park in one of the following TWO places:

KING OSWY DRIVE - east side (opposite school) where you can park legally, partially up on the pavement, in the areas marked by white lines on the pavement – there is space for at least a further 15 cars. Again, students should use the pedestrian crossing. If you plan to turn your car by driving through the main school car park, this is fine, provided you do so WELL BEFORE 3.20pm and also observe the clearly marked speed limit of 10mph. After approx. 3.20pm you can expect to find the entrance gates closed.

Parking on the west side (school side) of King Oswy Drive (or on the pavement) in front of the school is illegal at any time on account of the double yellow lines, and will result in a £60 ticket if the Council’s camera car passes by, which it regularly does.

MAIN SCHOOL CAR PARK. Although it is private property, we do not mind a few parents using the car park at 3.20pm, provided that you stick closely to our common-sense rules. Click here for details.

If the rules are not observed, we reserve the right to deny you access to the car park.