Who is who at St. Hild's?

All our staff are involved in and committed to providing education and support for SEND pupils. If you are concerned about your child please contact one of the staff listed below:

Mr L. Morgan Year 7 Leader

Mr J. Gibbon-Hayes Year 8 Leader

Mr L. Stephenson Year 9 Leader

Mrs L. Hornby Year 10 Leader

Mrs S. Sotheran Year 11 Leader

Mr L. Armstrong  Special Education Needs and Disabilities
Co-ordinator (SEND-CO)

Mrs S. Anderson  Achievement Support Personal Assistant

Any enquiries about SEND provision at St. Hild’s should be made to Mr L. Armstrong or Mrs S. Anderson.

E-mail: SENDOffer@st-hilds.hartlepool.sch.uk

Some of our staff have additional qualifications which can be used in the individual plan to help your child access the curriculum. These are some of the qualifications:

Learning through play
Boys Achievement
Disability Awareness
Gym disability course
Trampoline disability course
Sports coach
Midazolam Training
Moving and Handling in an Educational Environment Training
Sports and Physical Activity for SEND
Death and Dying module as part of Diploma and Theology in Ministry
RAINBOW training
Youth and Community Work
Cricket Coach
Teacher Coaching Neuro-linguistics Programme
Adult and Further Education working with Slow Learners
Managing Conflict and Aggressive Behaviour in Education
Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing/
Certificate of Psychometric Testing assessment and access arrangements - Real Training