Year 9 Key Stage 4
Curriculum Choices 2022

Year 9 are approaching a milestone in their journey towards their future educational pathway, as this is the year they make some personal choices around their education at KS4.

To support our pupils with their Option choices we have offered them a range of activities, advice and guidance throughout Year 9. As part of that guidance we have created this Options booklet to assist you and your child through the Options process. Within this booklet you will find information for all examination courses.

The compulsory subjects that all pupils will continue to study are: English Language; English Literature; Mathematics; Science; RE; PE and PSHE. Qualifications will be gained in all of the compulsory subjects with the exception of PSHE. Detailed information regarding compulsory subjects can be found at the front of this booklet.

In addition to the compulsory subjects, pupils need to make two Option choices; one being Geography or History and the another from the other Option subjects. Subject specific information can be found in this booklet after the compulsory subjects.

Please click on the image to the right to view the booklet.

The online Options form can be accessed by the link below or by scanning the QR code.


This will need to be completed by the deadline of Friday 20th May 2022.

Online Option form