Years 7 & 8

Curriculum Overview
2018 - 2019


Year 7

There are 7 classes in Year 7; 3 in X Band and 3 in Y Band plus the Nurture Group

In Year 7 there is a need for pupils to receive a broad curriculum, which builds upon work covered in the primary school and gives opportunities to study all areas of the National Curriculum. Pupils will continue their progression in the core subjects of English and Maths, whilst having the opportunities to follow subjects in Humanities, Languages, Arts and Technology. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups in all subjects for the first term; this is reviewed at the end of the term to see how the children have settled into their studies. For the majority of subjects, pupils are taught with their tutor group.

Technology has changed its priority to ensure all pupils gain a deeper understanding for the importance of Food Technology. We believe pupils need to be educated on appropriate diets and how they are beneficial to a healthier lifestyle.

There is a Nurture group in Year 7 (within the Y band structure) this supports some of our more vulnerable pupils in their transition from Primary to Secondary. Pupils in the Nurture group will have the majority of their lessons within this setting with a primary trained teacher. By Year 8 pupils will be successfully re-integrated into mainstream classes. The only expectation to this is in English and MFL where some pupils may need to remain within a nurture group setting for an addition year.

When pupils have settled we will look at streaming the pupils by broad ability measures; streamed sets will be in English, Maths, Humanities and MFL, and Science and Computing. Key Stage 2 data and results from the MidYIS assessment will be used to determine the classes.

PE in Year 7 is taught in gender sets.

Year 8

There are 6 classes in Year 8; 3 in X Band and 3 in Y Band. There is still some Nurture provision for English, RE and MFL for those pupils who require the additional support.

Year 8 has the same lessons, structure and time allocated to lessons as Year 7.

Pupils are streamed into their classes for the majority of subjects. They are taught in mixed ability classes for Art, Drama, Food, Music and Technology.

Due to the number of pupils in Year 8, PE has 3 classes in both X Band and Y Band. This changes the set-up of classes for PE and they are taught in mixed gender classes.

Year 8 Key Stage 4 Options

Pupils will make their Option choices in the spring term of Year 8, in readiness for study in Year 9. Pupils can choose 3 Option subjects.

A copy of the 2019 Year 8 Options Guidance Booklet can be viewed via the link below.

Year 8 Options Booklet 2019

Curriculum structure for Years 7 and 8 at St Hild's

Years 7 & 8 Curriculum